Fremont Tunnel/Route Server

IPv4:, IPv6: 2602:fed2:fc0:c8::1

Our primary virtual switch location is in Fremont, California, on the US West Coast. This site has 1gbps of connectivity and direct peering to Hurricane Electric. The physical datacenter it is located in is Hurricane Electric's Fremont 2 DC.

Fremont Tunnel/Route Server daily traffic graph

Amsterdam Tunnel/Route Server

IPv4:, IPv6: 2a00:1ca8:2a::75e

We have an extension switch in the Serverius DC1 datacenter located in Dronten, about 30KM away from Amsterdam, in The Netherlands. This site is fed with a 250mbps circuit and has excellent peering into the rest of Europe.

Amsterdam Tunnel/Route Server daily traffic graph

New Zealand Tunnel Server


The Asia-Pacific region is served by an EVIX extension switch in New Zealand, offering much better latency to regional peers than tunnelling through the US. A 1gbps circuit provides connectivity to the internet at large.

New Zealand Tunnel Server daily traffic graph

Zurich Tunnel Server

IPv4:, IPv6: 2a0c:9a40:1050::34

Thanks to iFog, we have a POP in Zurich, Switzerland.

Zurich Tunnel Server daily traffic graph

Toronto Tunnel Server

IPv4:, IPv6: 2602:fd50:101:74ab:3ece:8d38:ba87:b763

Thanks to Xenyth Cloud/GoCodeIT Inc, we have a POP located in the Equinix TR2 Datacenter, in Toronto. They offer VMs with local connectivity to EVIX as well.

Toronto Tunnel Server daily traffic graph